Beauty and the beast 1x08 online dating

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In flashback, Vincent recalls his time in Afghanistan when he received his first super soldier shot, and remembers who injected him with the DNA altering substance.

He also recollects how the other soldiers experienced unpredictable side effects, including fugue states, and is relieved to know that Cat isn’t causing his blackouts.

She’s desperate to solve his case so that she can get rid of him.

Cat discovers that he’s in a Twitter war with another young pop sensation named Lil Tap Dat.

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JT injects Vincent with synthesized endorphins where he has a flashback to the events in Afghanistan and being injected with some unknown substance.

When he leaves to take a call, his manager shows them hate mail which Jake has no idea about.

Jake is then assigned a police escort and he chooses Tess, much to her disdain.

"And I think that might be part of the problem." Oh no he didn't! But when Tori tries to intervene in their rescue mission, the consequences will be fatal.

JT (Austin Basis) suspects that Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) is the trigger of Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) blackouts, so to disprove this theory, Vincent allows JT to inject him with endorphins and sedatives that force him into a fugue state.

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