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For some reason, the third party is usually a guy, the love interest a girl, and the friend another guy. See also Yoko Oh No, when fans dislike a new lover.Jes: How about this, you pay for cable and you get one night a week with Ian. Ian: As the commodity being traded, do I get any say in this matter? Ian: When a character's best friend (possibly a Heterosexual Life-Partner) and the Love Interest have a rivalry over "ownership" of the third party. Generally, Hilarity Ensues, except when the friend is poisonous, the love interest is clingy or psycho-possessive.One or both might decide to Murder the Hypotenuse, leaving the other a Cassandra Truth. We should do everything what we can do for our healthy friendship.When there is no one to help us then a true friend stand for us.

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