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There is an old saying "don't poop where you eat" (edited for the filters).

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When it ends, one of you will be bitter and could do some damage to the other's career. Get yourself in check, before you make a lot of life choices that may totally wreck your life and everything you have.

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As guys, we’ve sort of been programmed to believe that you have to “prove your worth” for a girl. When a girl isn’t sure how you feel about her she thinks about you more.

For years we’ve heard advice like “if you like her let her know.” And because of this ‘pre-programming’ the minute we start liking a girl there is a little voice in our head that continually tells us that “if she just knows how much I like her, she’ll want to be with me.” But the notion that girls want “certainty” is DEAD WRONG. Sending mixed signals provides her the drama she craves. When she’s not sure where she stands with you, she anticipates seeing you more. And as this video explains the more she thinks about you, the more she convinces herself she’s in love with you.

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