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In 2011, the total household population in England and Wales aged 16 and over was 44.5 million people; of these, 25.7 million people (58%) were in a relationship living as part of a couple, who were married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting.

In 2011, of those living as part of a couple almost 1 in 10 (9%, 2.3 million people) were in an inter-ethnic relationship and 9 in 10 (91%, 23.4 million people) were in a relationship with someone from the same ethnic group.

These earlier ethnicity statistics from the 2011 Census focused on the individual.

To provide a wider picture of ethnic diversity we can look at mixed ethnicities within the household.

The pattern of people in inter-ethnic relationships across the ethnic groups for 20 was broadly similar.

The group that saw the largest change between 20 was Other White where the proportion of people in inter-ethnic relationships decreased by 15 percentage points (from 54% to 39%).

Exploring inter-ethnic relationships provides further insight into the patterns and trends of an increasingly ethnically diverse population and how ethnic identities are changing over time.

The analysis explores some of the different factors which may affect the number of inter-ethnic relationships including ethnic group, gender, age, type of relationship and dependent children.

More details about the definitions used in this article can be found in the background notes.

For example, if someone who identified as Black Caribbean and someone who identified as White British were in a relationship then that would be an inter-ethnic relationship.

An inter-ethnic relationship can also be between groups within the broad ethnic group categories, such as someone who was a Gypsy or Irish Traveller and someone who was White British.

This in part reflects that the White British group are the largest group (81% of the overall population) and as such have a greater opportunity to be in a relationship with someone who is also White British.

The next least likely were Bangladeshi (7%), Pakistani (9%) and Indian (12%).

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