Is nelly the rapper still dating ashanti online dating scams pictures

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She claims she refused and has alleged that the musician told her to "shut up" before having sex with her without using protection.

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Nobody could do that, but the point is, when I'm doing certain things or projects that I think could be a little more challenging to me, sometimes I overdo myself and I fuck up.? I feel like a lot of things fucked that up—don't get me wrong, I still got a plaque and I still sold over 500,000 units on that album. The last album had a lot of push-backs and mix-ups on the dates. I think the biggest thing was, I had people like, "I didn't know it was out! " It was that type of reaction, so I don't know. Complex: So with on the way, times are different and just going platinum is very successful. Then you have dudes like Drake and Cudi who really run with that style. No team goes into an NBA championship not wanting to win a ring. My family win, but now we in a certain time where maybe I do gotta get a little more aggressive and stand up on some words and say, "I don't give a fuck what you motherfuckers do. Ain't nothing like being in the club and your song comes up. Sure, I could go in a club and they could rock an hour of Nelly songs and motherfuckers are still gonna dance and party, but you wanna be in the now and know that it's working, you know? Nelly has been dating famous fashion model Shantel Jackson since 2014, after previous relationships with Ashanti and Kelly Rowland.The beauty, who is working on her own line of unisex clothing, has also starred in numerous films and music videos. A 21-year-old female accused Nelly of raping her on a tour bus without using a condom.

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