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The Indian gazelle, Gazella hennetti^ often called ‘ ravine deer ’ (i, p.

A medium-sized tree producing edible fruit, Buchanania latifolia.

The fourth part of the land revenue, exacted by the Mardthas in subject territories. A pupil, usually in connexion with religious teaching.

A collection of thatched huts or barracks ] hence a cantonment. A dome or cupola; hence a domed building such as a cenotaph.

Conservator, The supervising officer in charge of a Circle in the Forest department (iii, p.

Name in Southern India for the large millet, Andrch pogon Sorghum ; syn. 425) 5 (3) a Superintending Engineer of the Public Works department (iv. 49) ; (2) the head of various de- partments, such as Stamps, Excise, &c. Bills or telegraphic transfers drawn on the Indian Government by the Secretary of State in Council (iv, p.

« ^ To that list may be added the Index volume by E.

Ordinarily, the main heading for a vernacular term is the Hindustani form, where this is the form used in the publications of the Government of India.

Name in Northern India for the lever used in raising water ; syn. A non-commissioned native officer in the army or police. A cutting instrument with no point, used as a sword and also as an axe, Assam and Burma, Dahiya, dahi. A palm, JVipa fruiicans, the leaves of which are used for thatching, Burma. In the case of certain crops of wide distribution and a few official designations, synonyms have been appended. The different senses in which the same term is sometimes used in different parts of India, or in different connexions, have been distinguished.

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