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Making those kinds of sweeping conclusions would be, as critics have pointed out, really irresponsible and dumb.That said, Rodger’s misogynistic rhetoric seems undeniably influenced by the manosphere, and his manifesto has kicked off a loud debate about how modern society treats women, online and off.(Important note: MRA sometimes, though not always, describes a push to reform divorce, visitation and alimony laws — clearly separate issues from what we’re addressing here.) In either case, the “manosphere” is frequently enough to make any progressive lady — or guy! The Southern Poverty Law Center, which identifies hate groups, even went so far as to publish a report on it in 2012.(“Although some of the sites make an attempt at civility and try to back their arguments with facts,” the report read, “they are almost all thick with misogynistic attacks that can be astounding for the guttural hatred they express.”) The very next year, the comically named Return of Kings — which has, among other things, talked up eating disorders and hitting women — topped our list of the most-hated sites on the Web.

Not all branches of the manosphere are overtly appalling; not all of them are even run by men.This distinction, while it sounds ridiculous, is actually pretty critical to understanding Rodger and his place in the manosphere … While Rodger evidently followed a number of pick-up sites and You Tube channels, his most notable postings were on a site called PUAhate — a forum for malcontents complaining that the “game” didn’t work.There, and on other forums, Rodger identified as an “incel, or “involuntary celibate” — a virgin who couldn’t get girls, even after taking “the red pill.” On the manosphere totem pole, there’s nothing quite so pathetic. The manosphere reacts to Rodger And so, while some of Rodger’s companions on PUAhate have praised his gruesome spree — Josh Glasstetter at SPLC points out that he was almost seen as some kind of “incel revolutionary” — the rest of the manosphere has worked hard to distance themselves from him.Hundreds of Web sites are dedicated to teaching “game” to hapless daters.But often, if not always, “game” involves reducing women to sexual targets, rating their attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10, and deploying techniques like “negging” to get a girl to notice you. ”) The blog Chateau Heartiste, one of the forerunners in the manosphere/PUA scene, even publishes quizzes for men and women to determine their “dating market value.” The questions for men include, “What is your occupation?

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