Updating kernel mandrake

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a copy of Microsoft’s latest operating system that can run on something as little as 128 megabytes of RAM. If you have an aging computer that isn’t compatible with Windows 10, don’t worry!

There are Linux projects out there that specifically focus on old hardware.

If you’re interested in reading the full write-up on how Microsoft handles your privacy, Christopher Harper has written an article about it here.

If you value your privacy, avoiding Windows 10 is a must.

There are hardly any operating systems based on the Linux kernel out there that cost money.

A vanilla installation of your favorite Linux-based operating system likely won’t contain any closed-code programs.

This makes it easier to give away the operating system for free, but it also means that modification of the operating system is legally allowed.

All Linux-based operating systems (for the most part) are completely free.

You won’t find yourself driving to a Best Buy to buy your copy of Fedora Linux.

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